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MAD Full Movie  Director Kalyan Shankar’s Telugu film “MAD” is a hilarious campus comedy that keeps things light. Following Manoj (Ram Nithin), Ashok (Nithin Narne), and Damodar (Sangeeth Shobhan) on an engineering campus, the movie is pure fun.

Narrated by Ganesh, aka Laddu (Vishnu Oi), a senior sharing stories with a new student, “MAD” captures the carefree side of college life. With a simple plot, the film connects with the late teens and early 20s audience, giving a humorous take on campus adventures.

In typical campus style, where classes are an afterthought and professors become part of the jokes, “MAD” finds humor in small, silly incidents like a war sparked by an egg puff.

Meet Manoj, the charmer, Ashok, the introvert, and Damodar (DD), the goofy one—each adding to the laughs. DD’s attempt at coaching basketball, despite knowing nothing about the game, is comedy gold. “College is worth going to for friends without whom you would feel your life would actually be better.” It is silly, it is profound, it is…mad.

Interactions between Laddu and his father add more humor, with Muralidhar Goud delivering snarky lines as the frustrated father. Romantic subplots for the main characters add a sweet touch.

The film subtly nods to independence by naming hostels after Bhagat Singh and Rani Jhansi Lakshmi Bai. While “MAD” may not be a cinematic masterpiece, it’s a good laugh. Embracing the carefree spirit of campus life, the film avoids deep questions—a funny chapter in the lives of Manoj, Ashok, and Damodar, like their own “Happy Days” on campus.

MAD Full Movie Story

MAD Full Movie

“MAD” follows the adventures of three easygoing friends – Manoj (Ram Nithin), Ashok (Narne Nithin), and Damodhar (Sangeeth Shoban) – as they navigate the landscape of an engineering college. Instead of heavy studying, their days are filled with light-hearted fights and amusing escapades on campus.

As the story unfolds, Manoj finds himself drawn to Shruthi (Gouri Priya), while Jenni (Ananthika) develops a crush on Ashok. Meanwhile, Damodhar, initially uninterested in relationships, experiences a surprising turn of events when Vennela begins calling him daily.

The rest of the film takes us on a whimsical journey through the college experiences of these three friends. Filled with comedic incidents, playful conflicts, and budding romances, “MAD” offers an entertaining and relatable portrayal of the memorable moments that shape their time in college.

It hit theaters on October 6, 2023, offering a cheerful mix of humor and drama while navigating the highs and lows of campus life. The engaging storytelling and memorable characters make “Mad” an enjoyable cinematic journey.

For those who missed it on the big screen, here’s good news: “Mad” arrived on Netflix on November 3, 2023, making it easily accessible for a broader audience to savor the laughs and drama created by Kalyan Shankar.

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MAD Full Movie Review

MAD: A Fun-Filled College Comedy

In the lively world of MAD, the film effortlessly shifts between serious and light moments. Freshmen express concerns about ragging, only to find out a faculty member is a super-senior in on the fun. Tension fades as a catchy song celebrating college life brings everyone together.

The film unfolds like a series of myths, each with unexpected humor. A seemingly dramatic escape plan turns out to be a clever way to combat homesickness. Enter Laddoo, a super-senior with a storytelling flair, adding a unique touch.

Fast forward to 2016, where Laddoo and his diverse group of friends—Manoj, Ashok, and Damodar—form the MAD squad. Each character, from the charming Manoj to the endearing Damodar, contributes to the film’s charm. Despite numerous events, MAD maintains a light and humorous tone, avoiding a feeling of building towards a grand climax.

Inspired by campus classics like 3 Idiots and Happy Days, MAD seamlessly weaves love stories into the narrative for character growth. The film incorporates various comedic styles, from slapstick humor to witty one-liners. Sangeeth Shoban’s physical comedy steals the spotlight, becoming the soul of the film.

Director Anudeep KV’s irreverent style, paired with Shamdat’s vibrant cinematography, contributes to the film’s quick-paced and cheerful atmosphere. While paying homage to campus film traditions, MAD distinguishes itself by avoiding overly sentimental portrayals of friendship.

The film concludes with a simple yet profound line: “College is worth it for friends without whom you’d think your life would actually be better.” In its silliness and profundity, MAD truly lives up to its name.

MAD: A Light-hearted College Adventure

Join Manoj (Ram Nithin), Ashok (Narne Nithin), and Damodar (Sangeeth Shobhan) as they navigate Engineering College life, earning the playful nickname MAD. This trio, initially hesitant about their engineering journey, quickly becomes inseparable.

Follow their four-year escapade through college, experiencing the highs, lows, and personal growth. Principal Purushottam (Raghu Babu) and a group of charming girls (portrayed by Sri Gouri Priya, Ananthika Sanil Kumar, and Gopika Udhayan) add spice to the plot.

As the story unfolds, dive into the dynamic world of these young students, their evolving friendships, and the ties that connect them to Principal Purushottam and the delightful group of girls. Get ready for an easygoing and entertaining exploration of college life.

MAD Full Movie Cast

Director: Kalyan Shankar
Producer: Haarika Suryadevara
Release Date: Fri 06th Oct 2023
Actors: Narne Nithin, Sangeeth Shobhan, Ravi Anthony, Anudeep KV, Raghu Babu, Nithin Ram, Sri Gouri Priya, Saanve Megghana, Muralidhar Goud,Gopika Udhayan, Anantika, Gouri Priya, Vishnu, Anthony, Srikanth Reddy

MAD Full Movie Avilable On Netflix ?

Great news! “Yes, Mad,” the Indian Telugu film that premiered on October 6, 2023, is now streaming on Netflix since November 3, 2023. Directed by Anudeep KV, this college comedy starring Ram Nithin, Narne Nithin, and Sangeeth Shobhan is ready for your laughter-filled viewing on Netflix. Time to grab some snacks and enjoy the fun!

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