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Sam Bahadur Sam Manekshaw is one of the most decorated officers in the Indian army, serving for over four decades and fighting in five wars.

He is the first army officer to be promoted to the rank of Field Marshal.

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Sam Bahadur Full Movie Storyline

One of the first cadets to train at the Indian Military Academy was Sam Mankeshaw.Following graduation, he is assigned as a second lieutenant to the Ferozpur-based 12th Frontier Force Regiment, where he immediately befriends Sillo Bode, whom he eventually marries

.He receives a promotion to major and is dispatched to Burma in 1942 as part of the Second World War. He suffers severe injuries during the Battle of Sitlang Bridge but makes it out of the onslaught and is decorated for valor

.After the split, in 1947, his colleague Major Yahya Khan persuaded him to enlist in the Pakistani army, but he ultimately decided to join the Indian army. Mankeshaw’s accomplishments didn’t end here; he was also a key player in the Indo-Pak War of 1971 and the Sino-Indian War of 1962. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi bestowed upon him the title of First Field Marshall in recognition of his numerous accomplishments.

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Sam Bahadur Full movie Review :

Sam Manekshaw, also known as Sam Bahadur, or “Sam the Brave,” had some remarkable transformations throughout his life. He enlisted in the army and fought for British-Indian interests against Japan in the Second World War, having been born into a Britain-ruled India.

He was put in a new unit at the 1947 split because his former regiment was now a member of Pakistan’s armed forces.

Later, he handled India’s involvement in the Indo-Pakistani War, and shortly before he retired in 1973, he became the first Indian army officer to be raised to the rank of field marshal.

This historical context may provide a wonderful foundation for a Colonel Blimp-style examination of how politics and ideals change as a person ages, but that isn’t the way the filmmakers of this biopic approached their topic.

With feedback from Manekshaw’s family and in light of the present nationalist sentiment in India, filmmaker Meghna Gulzar’s approach is undoubtedly more direct. Throughout, Manekshaw is portrayed as a hero who is always right, honorable, humorous, and forgiving.

The guy can do no wrong, whether he’s taking on politicians, fighting a rival, or courting his future wife. Vicky Kaushal, who exudes charm, is a perfect fit for the part.

When humorous incidents from Manekshaw’s life are dramatized, the film is at its most engaging. Nobody believes he can survive until he is hit in the chest by a round of machine gun fire.

When a physician asks Manekshaw what happened, he tells him that a mule kicked him. The physician concludes that any man with such a sense of humor ought to be rescued at all costs.

The overall drama of the movie suffers as a result of this strategy; while the events and set pieces are skillfully done, the framework is a little episodic. How to give events the velocity of fiction while the underlying plot is fact is a constant difficulty for biopics.

This gives the movie the impression of proving the widely discredited axiom that history is just a series of bad things happening one after another.

Directed By  Meghna gulzar 
Written By  Shantanu Shrivastav
Produced By  Ronnie Screwvala
Edited By Nitin Baid
Running time 148 minutes
Release Date 1 December 2023
Budget 55 Crore
Box Office 128.6 Crore

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Ans.7.9 out of 10


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