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The Conference Full Movie  Imagine a typical team-building conference for municipal employees taking a sinister turn as accusations of corruption swirl, transforming the work environment into a nightmarish scene.

Simultaneously, a mysterious figure, masked and deadly, starts picking off participants one by one. Amid the chaos of blame and finger-pointing, the conference becomes a deadly game of survival, creating a suspenseful and chilling atmosphere.

The Conference Full Movie Watch Online

“The Conference” (2023) is a Swedish comedy slasher based on Mats Strandberg’s book of the same name. The plot revolves around a team-building conference for municipal employees that takes a dark twist.

Accusations of corruption create chaos in the workplace, turning the once ordinary gathering into a nightmarish scenario. Simultaneously, a mysterious stranger begins targeting and murdering participants, adding an extra layer of suspense.

Get ready for a unique blend of laughs and scares in this easy-to-follow and unforgettable cinematic experience.

The Conference Full Movie storyline

Netflix has a chilling slasher for your “Friday the 13th” – not featuring Jason Voorhees but drawing clear inspiration from the hockey mask legend. Patrick Eklund’s “The Conference” plays out like a blend of “Triangle of Sadness” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer”.

In this dark tale, a group of mostly greedy capitalists faces the consequences of their actions during a work conference, right before the launch of a shopping mall set to displace hard-working folks and eventually crumble spectacularly.

One smart twist in Eklund’s film is that these corporate monsters aren’t even good at what they do. They’re tangled in financial deceit, spinning lies about an IKEA partnership, and fostering increasing animosity among themselves.

Imagine a corporate retreat with ziplines and trust exercises; what could go wrong? More than they could have ever imagined. So, get ready for a suspenseful journey as “The Conference” unfolds, offering a fresh take on horror with a dash of corporate chaos in an easy-to-follow narrative.

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The Conference Full Movie Review

“The Conference” strikes a balance between satirical commentary and thrilling kills, making it a treat for horror enthusiasts. Eklund, the filmmaker, keeps a consistent tone, ensuring both entertainment and engagement.

The story revolves around characters mirroring everyday corporate archetypes, infusing a satirical twist into workplace dynamics. Eklund introduces sympathetic, unsympathetic, and comic-relief characters, setting the stage for creatively gory demises.

The kills are described as satisfyingly brutal, but the protagonists’ frustrating incompetence is evident as they fail to capitalize on their numerical advantage over the killer. This lack of teamwork is suggested to be intentional, adding to the film’s satirical elements.

While “The Conference” isn’t overly insightful or hilariously funny, it successfully delivers its intended tone and intent. It’s an enjoyable and fun experience, offering a unique blend of satire and gore for horror fans.

References to corporate jargon and exploitative practices may resonate with viewers, potentially eliciting offense from those familiar with such environments.

The idea of a theoretical sequel, exploring the aftermath and survivors’ attempts to explain the events, adds an intriguing layer to the narrative. This hint at further exploration beyond the initial storyline keeps the audience curious about the film’s world.

In summary, “The Conference” stands out as a noteworthy addition to the slasher horror genre, providing a distinctive take on workplace satire intertwined with creative and gruesome kills. While not groundbreaking, its consistency and entertainment value make it a satisfying watch for fans of the genre.

The Conference Full Movie Netflix

In the Swedish comedy slasher, “The Conference” (2023), based on Mats Strandberg’s book, a typical company retreat takes a chilling turn.

Organized by a local charter for municipal employees in need of relaxation, the getaway becomes a nightmare as petty grievances and accusations of corruption disrupt the peace. To complicate matters, a mysterious slasher begins targeting and murdering participants.

The film follows a diverse group of public sector employees grappling with internal conflicts while facing the ominous threat of a bloodthirsty killer during what was meant to be a tranquil retreat. Each murder adds suspense to the storyline, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

For those intrigued by the mix of workplace comedy and horror, “The Conference” is available for streaming on platforms like Netflix.

The movie presents a unique twist on the conventional company retreat narrative, offering both laughs and spine-chilling moments as characters navigate discord and a relentless slasher on the loose.

The Conference Full Movie Cast

Movie Name The Conference (2023)
Production Co:  SF Studios
Director Patrik Eklund
Released Date Oct 13, 2023
Streaming platform Netflix
Genre: Horror, Comedy, Mystery & thriller
Producer: Ina Sohlberg
Runtime: 1h 40m


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